Do you like korfball, the beach, and loads of fun? Put together a team and sign up for the Fluks Beachkorfball tournament on July 4!
Registration is now possible!

First we need to pass Winter but the date for Fluks Beachkorfball 2020 has been announced! At July 4, the best Beachkorfball tournament will take place on the beach of Noordwijk.

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Playing korfball on the beach is quite different from what we are used to, and this is pretty hard because of the soft sand. The game is played in a single square, 4 players on each team. This results in a fast game with lots of action.
Although there is the element of competition, the focus is on having fun. In between the games there is time to relax on the beach or go for a dive in the North Sea.
You can register in one of the following categories: C-aspirants, B-aspirants, A-Juniors, Seniors & Recreanten.

Back to Basic

After having organized a tournament weekend including BBQ / Snack, party and overnight stay, we will return to basics in 2020. Due to stricter regulations and declining registrations for the extras, it is no longer profitable to invest the time and energy required for the organization of this.

But ... of course we will continue to offer a great korfballday on the beach for you and your friends!