Terms and Conditions

Registering for Fluks Beachkorfball tournament is available until June 23, 2019 or untill the maximum numbers are reached. If these numbers are reached, this will be indicated on the website. Registrations can not be applied after this period.

The payment of the registration fee for the Fluks Beachkorfball tournament is to be paid within the period stated on the invoice. If it is not paid in time, participating in the tournament can not be guaranteed.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations need to be send by e-mail or via the contactform at the website www.beachkorfbal.eu. Your cancellation will not be final until you receive a confirmation email.

Until Sunday, June 23th, 2019 refund is possible when you cancel your subscription. When canceling after June 23 refund is not possible. We can't refund in case of cancellation for bad weather or other special circumstances.

The organization of the Fluks Beachkorfball can't be held liable in any way for any damage or disappearance of personal property. The organization is not liable for any accidents during the entire event.

Camping is possible only in your own tent that can accommodate the number of people that will stay in it, too big tents can be rejected because of limited space on the campsite. take into account approximately 2.5 m² per person. You are welcome at the Fluks Sportspark from Saturday 9:00 AM to place your tent and luggage on site, and you should leave Sunday at the latest at 11:00 AM. You need to set up your tents immediately after arrival. You will be pointed to a place by the tournament organization.

Parking only is possible on the public car parks (not on the sports park). Loading / unloading luggage is possible at the bus stop at the top of the ramp to the Sportspark.
PAY ATTENTION! You can park up to 3 hours on a section of the parking lot at the swimming pool, pay attention to the blue areas! Active monitoring policy!

Using chairs or tables from the clubhouse in your tent is not allowed. There is no power available at the campsite. Power Generators are not allowed on the premises. Pets are not allowed on the premises. Upon departure, you must clean up your place (no paper, junk, food, ect.) and leave it in the same condition as upon arrival.

Sunday morning you can use the breakfast buffet in the clubhouse between 8:00 and 10:30 AM.

Bringing your own drinks and food
We have no facilities to store your brought drinks and / or food (chilled). The organization has the right to confiscate alcohollic drinks if there is any reason to do so. Consuming self brought drinks and / or food is not allowed on the terrace, sportsfields or in the clubhouse.

It is not allowed to make a campfire and / or ignite fire in barrels.

We urge you to tone down the volume of your audio equipment. The music you like, is often less valued by others! Since the site is surrounded by houses, throughout the night (11:00 PM untill 9:00 AM) only low volume is allowed. The organization is allowed to confiscate sound equipment if there is any reason to do so.

Offering and / or using narcotics is prohibited and will be immediately reported to the police.

For violations of the rules and / or ignoring instructions given by the tournament organization will be taken appropriate action.

We wish you a pleasant stay during the tournament and count on your cooperation regarding the above rules.

Fluks Beachkorfball Committee