The IKF has drawn up rules for the sport of beach korfball. During the Fluks Beachkorfball we use a slightly modified, more fun version of these rules.

1. Playing field
The dimensions of the field are 20 x 20 m. In each of the four corners is a virtual triangle with equal angles and sides of 3 meters long.

2. Markers
The outside of the playing field is marked with clearly visible lines. The virtual diagonal lines marking the triangles are indicated by means of a clearly visible ribbon that is attached to the lines of the playing field.
A penalty spot is impossible to mark, the umpire indicates the correct location when necessary. This location is a distance of 2.50 m anywhere around the pole.

3. Poles
The pole is in the middle of the field. The pole is ± 0.20 m buried in the ground to avoid foot injury. As a result, the highest point of the pole is at ± 3.30 m.

4. Players
A      Teams
Each team consists of 4 people, of which 2 are female and 2 are male.
B      Incomplete teams
If a team is incomplete, it can be decided in consultation with the referee and both teams to use a lady as a man or a man as a lady. It is also permitted to designate one person who will only have a supporting task during the entire (remaining) game and who is not entitled to score.
C      Substitutes
The four players in the field may be substituted for another player at any time. Substituted players may be substituted back at any time and rejoin the game. Substitutions are allowed at any time and are done from the substitution area. Before the match, the substitution area will be determined by the referee in consultation with the captains.
D      Clothing and shoes
The players of each team must be dressed in a uniform-looking shirt. It is not allowed to wear footwear (socks are allowed).

5. Time
During the entire tournament, the competition officials will indicate when the matches will start and end. If the teams are not ready at the start, the playing time of the relevant match will be shortened.

6. Playing time
The matches last 15 minutes, without interruption. Between matches, a drafting time of 3 minutes is taken into account.

7. Goals
A goal is scored when the ball has completely fallen through the basket and counts as 1 point. If the ball is shot from one of the four virtual triangles (in the corners of the field), the score counts for 2 points, but only if the shooter was within the indicated triangle when the shot was fired. The team that scores the most points is the winner of the match.

8. Obtain right of attack
If the defending team intercepts the ball, it must gain the right of attack in one of the four virtual triangles before attempting to score. An attacker must have been completely or at least with one foot or other body part within one of the triangles. A shot for a goal before the ball has entered one of the triangles is penalized by a restart for the opposing team. If a team is awarded the ball after it has gone out of bounds, or on a restart for the defending team, it is not necessary to gain the right to attack first and the attack may begin immediately.

9. Summary of the Rules
The official korfball rules apply, insofar as they are not deviated from in the above rules.

Rules that are almost self-explanatory but that we would like to bring to your attention are:
- In case of misconduct, the referee has the right to exclude a player from the relevant match.
- In consultation with the tournament management, it can be decided to exclude a player from all matches to be played.

Tournament Rules:
In decision rounds, if there is a tie at the end of the match, the game continues according to the golden goal principle. The team that manages to score first is the winner. If no goals have been scored after 5 minutes of extra playing time, 4 players from each team take a penalty shot. If there still is no winner after this penalty shoot series, the team which misses first looses the match. Extra playing time is kept by the referee.


Provisional lap times:

Round Start
1 10:30 am
2 10:48 am
3 11:06 am
4 11:24 am
5 11:42 am
6 12:00 pm
7 12:18 pm
8 12:36 pm
9 12:52 pm
10 01:10 pm
11 01:28 pm
12 01:46 pm
13 02:04 pm
14 02:22 pm
15 02:40 pm
16 02:58 pm
17 03:16 pm
18 03:34 pm
19 03:52 pm
20 04:10 pm

The awardceremony will take palce at 04:30 pm.